Eric Clapton: Backless

Eric Clapton > Backless

Eric Clapton: guitars > vocals :
Dick Sims: keyboards :
Marcy Levy: vocals :
George Terry: guitar :
Carl Radle: bass guitar > vocals :
Jamie Oldaker: drums > percussion > vocals :
Benny Gallagher: backing vocals :
Graham Lyle: backing vocals :

Backless [Remastered] Original recording reissued, Original recording remastered

Walk out in the Rain :
Watch our for Lucy :
I’ll make love to you :
Anytime :
Roll it :
Tell me that you :
Love me :
If I don’t be there :
Be morning :
Early in the morning :
Promises :
Golden Ring :
Tulsa time :

Joe Walsh: But Seriously Folks

But Seriously Folks
Joe Walsh > But Seriously Folks

Joe Walsh: guitars > vocals > synthesizer
Joe Vitale: keyboards > flute > percussion > drums > vocals
Don Henley: vocals
Judy Boyer: vocals
Glen Frey: vocals
Don Felder: guitars > vocals
Jay Ferguson: keyboards > vocals
Joey Murcia: guitar
Timothy B. Schmit: vocals
Bill Szymczyk: tambourine > vocals

Joe Walsh: But Seriously Folks

Over and Over
Second Hand Store
Indian Summer
At the Station
Inner Tube
Theme from Boat Weirdos
Life’s Been Good

Talking Heads: More Songs About Buildings & Food

More Songs About Buildings & Food
Talking Heads > More Songs About Buildings & Food

David Byrne: vocals > guitar > percussion
Jerry Harrison: guitar > keyboards > vocals
Tina Weymouth: bass > vocals
Chris Frantz: drums > percussion

More Songs About Buildings & Food


Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
With Our Love
Good Thing
Warning Sign
Girls Want To Be With The Girls
Found A Job
Artists Only
I’m Not In Love
Stay Hungry
Take Me To The River
Big Country

The Who: Who Are You

Who Are You
The Who > Who Are You

Roger Daltrey: vocals
John Entwistle: bass > vocals
Keith Moon: drums > percussion
Pete Townshend: vocals > guitars > keyboards > drums

Who Are You


New Song
Had Enough
Sister Disco
Music Must Change
Trick Of The Light
Guitar And Pen
Love Is Coming Down
Who Are You

Warren Zevon: Excitable Boy

Excitable Boy
Warren Zevon > Excitable Boy

Warren Zevon: guitars > keyboards > vocals :
Karla Bonoff: vocals :
Jackson Browne: guitar > vocals :
Jorge Calderon: vocals :
Luis Damian: jarana:
Kenny Edwards: bass > vocals:
Mick Fleetwood: drums:
Gentlemen Boys: vocals:
Arthur Gerst: harps:
Bob Glaub: bass:
Jim Horn: recorder > saxophone:
Danny Kortchmar: guitar > percussion:
Russ Kunkel: drums:
Greg Ladanyi: bells:
Rick Marotta: drums:
John McVie: bass:
Jeff Porcaro: percussion > drums:
Linda Ronstadt: vocals :
Leland Sklar: bass:
J.D. Souther: vocals :
Manuel Vasquez: requinto:
Richard Wachtel: guitar > vocals:
Waddy Wachtel: synthesizer > guitar > vocals:
Jennifer Warnes: vocals:
Linda Warnes: vocals:

Warren Zevon: Excitable Boy

Johnny Strikes up the Band:
Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner:
Excitable Boy:
Werewolves of London:
Accidentally Like a Martyr:
Night Time in the Switching Yard:
Tenderness on the Block:
Lawyers, Guns and Money: