Big Brother And The Holding Company: Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills
Big Brother And The Holding Company > Cheap Thrills

Janis Joplin: vocals
Peter Albin: bass > guitar
Sam Andrew: vocals > bass -guitar
David Getz: drums > piano
James Gurley: bass > guitar
John Simon: piano

Combination of the Two
I Need a Man to Love
Piece of My Heart
Turtle Blues
Oh, Sweet Mary
Ball and Chain
Catch Me Daddy
Magic of Love

Canned Heat: Boogie with Canned Heat

Boogie with Canned Heat
Canned Heat > Boogie with Canned Heat

Bob Hite: vocals
Alan Wilson: slide guitar, vocals, harmonica
Henry Vestine: lead guitar
Larry Taylor: electric bass
Fito de la Parra: drums

Evil Woman
My Crime
On the Road Again
World in a Jug
Turpentine Moan
Whiskey Headed Woman No. 2
Amphetamine Annie
An Owl Song
Marie Laveau
Fried Hockey Boogie

Cream: Wheels of Fire

Wheels of Fire
Cream > Wheels of Fire

Ginger Bake: drums > vocals > percussion
Jack Bruc: guitars > vocals > harmonica
Eric Claption: guitars > vocals
Felix Pappalardi: viola > keyboard > horns

White Room :
Sitting On Top Of The World :
Passing The Time :
As You Said :
Pressed Rat And Warthog :
Politician :
Those Were The Days
Born Under A Bad Sign :
Deserted Cities Of The Heart) :
Crossroads :
Spoonful :
Traintime :

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Creedence Clearwater Revival

John Fogerty: guitars > vocals
Tom Fogerty: guitar
Stu Cook: bass guitar
Doug Clifford: drums

I Put a Spell on You
The Working Man
Suzie Q
Ninety Nine and a Half
Get Down Woman
Walk on the Water

Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland

Electric Ladyland
Jimi Hendrix > Electric Ladyland

Jimi Hendrix: guitar > piano > harpsichord > percussion > vocals :
Mitch Mitchell: drums :
Noel Redding: bass > rhythm guitar > vocals :
Jack Casady: bass :
Larry Faucette: conga :
Mike Finnigan: organ :
Jeanette Jacobs: vocals :
Al Kooper: piano :
Mike Mandel: piano :
Dave Mason: acoustic guitar > vocals :
Buddy Miles: drums :
Fred Smith: tenor saxophone :
The Sweet Inspirations: vocals :
Steve Winwood > organ :
Chris Wood: flute :


Burning of the Midnight Lamp :
Rainy Day, Dream Away :
1983 :
Moon, Turn the Tides…Gently Gently Away :
Still Raining, Still Dreaming :
House Burning Down :
All Along the Watchtower :
Voodoo Child :

Steppenwolf: Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf > Steppenwolf

John Kay: guitar > vocals
Goldy McJohn: keyboards
Michael Monarch: guitar > vocals
Jerry Edmounton: drums
Rushton Moreve: bass

Sookie Sookie
Everybody’s Next One
Berry Rides Again
Hootchie Kootchie Man
Born to Be Wild
Your Wall’s Too High
The Pusher
A Girl I Knew
Take What You Need
The Ostrich

The Doors: Waiting for the Sun

 Waiting for the Sun
The Doors > Waiting for the Sun

Jim Morrison: vocals
John Densmore: drums
Robby Kriege: guitar
Ray Manzarek: keyboards
Douglas Lubahn: bass
Kerry Magness: bass
Leroy Vinegar: bass

Hello, I Love You
Love Street
Not to Touch the Earth
Summer’s Almost Gone
Wintertime Love
The Unknown Soldier
Spanish Caravan
My Wild Love
We Could Be So Good Together
Yes, the River Knows
Five to One