Joe Walsh: But Seriously Folks

But Seriously Folks
Joe Walsh > But Seriously Folks

Joe Walsh: guitars > vocals > synthesizer
Joe Vitale: keyboards > flute > percussion > drums > vocals
Don Henley: vocals
Judy Boyer: vocals
Glen Frey: vocals
Don Felder: guitars > vocals
Jay Ferguson: keyboards > vocals
Joey Murcia: guitar
Timothy B. Schmit: vocals
Bill Szymczyk: tambourine > vocals

Joe Walsh: But Seriously Folks

Over and Over
Second Hand Store
Indian Summer
At the Station
Inner Tube
Theme from Boat Weirdos
Life’s Been Good

Joe Walsh: So What

So What
Joe Walsh > So What

Joe Walsh: guitars > vocals > synthesizer :
Joe Vitale: drums :
Ron Grinel: drums :
Kenny Passarelli: keyboard :
Leonard Southwick: harmonica :
Don Henley: vocals :
Dan Fogelberg: guitar :
Tom Stephenson: organ :
Bryan Garofalo: vocals > bass :
Judy Boyer: vocals :
Randy Meisner: vocals :
Glen Frey: vocals :
Russ Kunkel: drums :
James Bond: accoustic guitar 🙂
Guille Garcia: congas :

Welcome to the Club :
Falling Down :
Pavane of the Sleeping Beauty :
Time Out :
All Night Laundry Mat Blues :
Turn to Stone :
Help Me Through the Night :
Country Fair :
Song for Emma :

Miss you Don