Jackson Browne: Running on Empty

Running on Empty width=

Jackson Browne: guitar, piano, keyboard, vocals
Joel Bernstein: vocals
Rosemary Butler: vocals
Craig Doerge: keyboards
Jon Douglas Haywood: bass > vocals
Danny Kortchmar: guitar > percussion > vocals
Russ Kunkel: drums
David Lindley: guitars- violin > vocals
Leland Sklar: bass

Running on Empty
The Road
You Love the Thunder
Shaky Town
Love Needs a Heart
Nothing But Time
The Load-Out

Jackson Browne: The Pretender

The Pretender
Jackson Browne > The Pretender

Jackson Browne: guitar > keyboards > vocals :
Graham Nash: vocals :
J.D. Souther: vocals :
David Crosby: vocals :
Bonnie Raitt: vocals :
Don Henley: vocals :
Russ Kunkel: drums :
Jim Gordon: organ- drums:
Fred Tackett: guitars :
David Lindley: guitars -strings :
Leland Sklar: guitar :
Richard Hyde: horn :
Chuck Findley: horn :
Arthur Gerst: vocals > harp :
Richard Hyde: horns :
Roy Bittan: piano :Dennis Quitman; horns :
John Hall; guitar :
Luis Damian; guitar > vocals :
Billy Payne; keybords :
Jeff Porcaro; drums :
David Campbell; viola :
Jon Landau; vocals :
Bob Glaub; bass :
Roberto Gutierrez; guitar > vocals > strings :
Gary Coleman; percussion :
Mike Utley; keyboards :
Chuck Rainey; bass :
Craig Doerge; keyboards :
Rosemary Butler; vocals :
George Lowell; guitars > vocals :
Albert Lee; guitars :
Jim Horn; horn :

The Fuse :
Your Bright Baby Blues :
Linda Paloma :
Here Come Those Tears Again :
The Only Child :
Daddy’s Tune :
Sleep’s Dark And Silent Gate :
The Pretender :